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A collection of 9 beautiful digital photography presets for use in Adobe Lightroom. Created exclusively by photographer Bonnie Cee. 

This collection is full of rich summer tones that I have developed over my years as a swimwear photographer. These are some of my first presets created and they focus on really boosting bronzed skin tones and bringing out those vibrant colours in the ocean and sky.

We encourage you to play with the adjustments in LR to give your image the perfect look! Play around with the exposure and white balance to tweak and perfect your final image.

We would love to see your before and after images so please use the hashtag #creativecolourpresets when uploading to your Instagram and share the love! 

Check out more of our before and afters on our insta: @creativecolourpresets

* This pack is only compatible with Adobe Lightroom.  If you are unfamiliar with using presets in Adobe Lightroom please see our hour to install page here :)